Goodwill International School

Goodwill International School is affiliated to Center Board of Secondary Education creating milestones of quality education with 360 degree development of students. We provide opportunity to our student to perform high levels of excellence with providing best environment for learning of students to get success in life. We strongly focus to provide quality education to each student of Goodwill therefor we also focus on sports and digital education through our special programs and initiatives.


Esteemed parents and dear students,
Our institution is dedicatedly serving the people of this rural area with an aim of nurturing the excellence inherent in the child. Our school adds lusture and shine to uncut gem that comes to us. Along with sharpening their mental abilities, their taste for co-curricular activities is developed. We aim at the holistic development of the child. It is our earnest endeavor to make them value based and sensitive world citizens. The education that builds fundamental trades of character such as honesty, comparison, courage, persistent and responsibility is absolutely essential. The most important thing one can learn is to ‘learn to learn’.

Early childhood is the most precious period for laying the foundation of a healthy citizen. A renowned educationist Prof. Loyala of France says, “Give me first six years of the child and I care not were he spends the rest”. The crux of early childhood education is beautifully expressed by Abraham Lincoln as follows: – “World, take my child by the hand he starts school today. Teach him the wonder of books. Teach him that it is for more honorable to fail then to cheat.  Teach him gently, World, but do not coddle him because only the test of fire makes fine steel”.

We at Goodwill school have started many innovative and creativity nurturing programs to make the students good thinkers and analyzer rather than book worms.

I hereby assure every parent that our school management will do everything its power to guarantee the best results in examinations and assuring best returns from every single penny spent by them. I solicit the sport of worth parents for this glorious endeavor.

Gurdial Singh
M.A. M. Ed, M Litt, L.L.B.


I feel immense pleasure to express that Goodwill International School has completed a decade of its existence. Our mission is to nurture the inherent potentialities in the child by providing various academic and co. curricular activities. Parents have a major role in providing great heritage which ultimately develops a strong foundation for all round personality of a child. A great philosopher Socrates has rightly said. Fellow citizens why do you turn and scrap every stone to gather wealth and to take so little care of your children to whom one day you must relinquish it all

The children look up to their parents, relatives, teachers as a role model or mentor during their formative years. A poet has rightly expressed this truth as follows:

You are setting an example
every day in all you do,
For the little boy who’s waiting
to grow up to be like you

Our devoted and dedicated faculty is making sincere efforts to shape the all round development of the children. Here, I stress the need of the whole hearted support of the parents in inculcating the positive attitude and good habits because there should be perfect co-ordination between the home and school. I earnestly appeal to every parent to help us in achieving our mission.

Jasbinder Kaur
M.A., B Ed.

Our core values

qualification-692089_960_720 Excellence
We provide opportunity to our student to perform high levels of excellency.
arrow-2110610_960_720 Ethics
We believe in development of ethical values for 360 degree development of students.
label-1197365_960_720 Quality
We strongly focus to provide quality education to each student of Goodwill.
success-617130_960_720 Environment
We strongly focus to provide quality education to each student of Goodwill.

Nothing is more important than your child’s well-being. Join Goodwill International School.